Remote Jobs

As I’ve been blogging about remote work since 2014, I often get the question: “Where can I find a remote job?”  I don’t have any special database anywhere to help with that, but I do have a few resources to share if you are looking for remote work.

caveat operanti remota
(Remote Worker Beware)

First, be careful what you seek.  Remote work has challenges that are different than office work.  Sure, you can have prolonged periods of focus .. if you have the discipline.  However, if you are easily distracted by laundry to be done, the latest app, email blast or social media announcement, rethink how you will approach remote work.  If you have not done full-time remote work, you may want to ease into it by working from home once a week and then gradually increasing how often you work from home.  If you have not done remote work for at least 6 months, I would recommend reading / listening to the following to understand this way of working:

Disclaimer: I do collaborate with Lisette and Pilar frequently.  However, if you come across other great articles or podcasts on remote work life, please let me know.  If I like the article, I’m happy to post it here and credit you.

Where are the remote jobs?

If you have read some of the articles or listened to the podcasts above and have practiced working remotely for 6 months, then it’s time to go remote job hunting!  Here are a few useful places I have found

  • Jessicard’s Remote-friendly companies list (Github) – I don’t know how many of these are vetted, but I do know many of these tech companies that support remote work.  Worth a look.
  • – a more-curated list of remote companies (and they can tell you if the companies are currently hiring or not)
  • – A list of current remote tech jobs.  I’ve seen several UX and writer jobs on the site before as well.  You can also sign up for regular email updates.
  • – another remote-tech-job list but I see more manager and tech lead jobs on this site.  I’ve yet to see an agile coach or scrummaster position here though
  • – various tech jobs for developers, QA, writers, designers.  Email updates available.
  • Skip the Drive – a more general remote-work jobs search site
  • Flexjobs – 100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2016
  • Flexjobs – find a wide variety of remote jobs including part-time and freelance work.  They pre-screen all the posts

Caveat: I’ve not used any of these sites.  Let me know what experience you have.  I’ve picked these sites as I’ve heard them discussed in podcasts, read articles, or know others in the remote work community that recommend them.  So if I had to look for a job tomorrow, these might be some of the places I would search.

Other remote job-hunting advice?

I’ve provided some in the past.  I’ve found a few good ones.

If you find anything here useful (or not), I would certainly welcome knowing that.  If you have other suggested references or even have a blog post of your own to share, let me know.