About this blog …

This blog will share some of my thoughts and opinions on servant leadership, coaching/mentoring, agile/lean project management and how to have teams of people work together more effectively to make a difference.  It does not reflect the views of any current or past employers.

About me …

I am Mark Kilby and I  coach individuals and organizations on how to become more effective on reaching their goals.  Currently I focus on two type of organizations: Software and improvement non-profits.  Software organizations tend to be pure knowledge work and can be an entire company or part of an IT group within any company in any industry.  I enjoy working with software organizations as they represent the future of work for me.  This work has also allowed me to bring my agile coaching to other types of teams and organizations such as hardware engineering, sales, marketing, event planning and beyond.  I have found agile management techniques can help in organizing any type of group work from 10 people to thousands.

The second type of organization, Improvement Non-profits (INPs), can be any organization that is trying to improve their community.  INPs are where I started to practice my coaching to help teams become more effective while I was working my day job in software.  Now, my day job is coaching software teams and I try to give back to INPs by coaching them when I can.  My hope is that I can devote more of my time to bringing organizational agility to Improvement Non-Profits to make a significant impact to our world.

More about me (my bio for speaking engagements)…

Since 1990, Mark Kilby has guided individuals, teams and organizations to develop unique software and system solutions for government, industry and academia.  His roles have included software developer, technical lead, rocket scientist, principal investigator, technical architect, web development manager, methodologist, scrum master, product owner and agile coach (since 2003).  His experience spans complete software development life cycles for a variety of industries including consumer services, publishing, telecommunications, security, finance, military and space.  He currently focuses on leadership development, growing effective distributed learning organizations, coaching coaches and serving servant leaders.

To contact me or learn more about my background (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), please see http://about.me/mckilby

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